Prior to the covid pandemic we worked

Prior to the covid pandemic we worked with 18 Week Support for 14 months. Our partnership with 18 Week Support allowed us to treat over 950 elective patients (day case and elective) and meet our target of eliminating our long waiting patients from out PTL. During this contract I found the 18 Week Support Team engaged, proactive and responsive to our services’ needs. As a testimony to that we have recently re-engaged 18 Week Support to support treatment of our patients whose procedures have been delayed due to the pandemic. During the first few weeks of this second contract there has been a strong focus on consultant engagement to ensure there is good utilisation of the theatre lists and that these provide value for money. I am also looking forward to the results of a productivity piece of work which 18 Week Support are undertaking to translate the benefits we have started to see in our weekend lists with them into our in-week NHS lists.

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