Jack Tabien

Nurse Lead for Recovery and Anaesthetics

Jack manages our skilled anesthetic and recovery staff, ensuring that 18 Week Support provides high quality staff for all of our insourcing contracts.

Also known as Gil, Jack has been the 18 Week Support Lead Nurse for Recovery and Anaesthetics since 2015. Jack completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and worked in several fields of nursing in the UK and abroad. He has worked in a variety of NHS and private sector positions. During his progression he completed several courses in nursing including his peri-operative course and training in middle management.

His nursing practice includes A/E, Endoscopy, Oncology, Anaesthetics, General Surgery, including Plastic Surgery and Gender Re-assignments. He has also worked within the speciality of Obstetrics and Gynaecology including Paediatrics. His experience also includes teaching pain management

Jack’s passion is to provide the best service experience to all patients and customers.