28th May 2022

Retinal Detachment

UK Biobank project that our Ophthalmology Clinical Lead, Danny Mitry is involved with, focuses on Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD), a common sight threatening condition that affects over 7,000 people annually in the UK. The UK Biobank represents an unrivalled resource enabling detailed analyses in genetic risk and disease association.
25th April 2022


Mr Danny Mitry, our Ophthalmology Clinical Lead, is working on some fascinating and important projects with the UK Biobank. In one of these, they are recruiting untrained individuals to analyse vast quantities of clinical eye images, allowing them to collect a wealth of data based on rapid analysis of…
31st March 2022

Incomplete Systemic Recovery and Metabolic Phenoreversion in Post-Acute-Phase Nonhospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Professor Toby Richards, our Clinical Lead for Vascular Surgery, and his colleagues have been investigating the functional recovery of non-hospitalised long-COVID patients. In a recent study, they took blood samples from patients 3 months after acute COVID-19 infection and followed up with further assessment after 6 months. The patients…
25th February 2022

Clinical indications for image-guided interventional procedures in the musculoskeletal system

Our Clinical Lead for Radiology, Dr David McKean, published with other members of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology on imaging guiding intervention. They reviewed the literature to show that there is still low evidence on some of these interventional procedures. They call for large prospective randomised trials to…
28th January 2022

Rationale and design of the intravenous iron for treatment of anemia before cardiac surgery trial

Professor Toby Richards, our Clinical Lead for Vascular Surgery, and his colleagues are testing the benefits and risks of IV iron administration in anemic patients awaiting cardiac surgery. This is important research, given that 20-30% of patients awaiting cardiac surgery are anemic, and that this increases the…
30th December 2021

Pleomorphic dermal sarcoma: Clinicopathological features and outcomes from a 5-year tertiary referral center experience

Dr Conal Perrett and Dr Ian Logan, Clinical Leads of 18 Week Support, have published an important retrospective study on a rare tumor called pleomorphic dermal sarcoma in the journal Cancer Reports. Dr Conal Perrett, 18 Week Support Founder & Executive Chairman…
30th November 2021

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform hearing healthcare and research

Mr Nishchay Mehta, our ENT Clinical Lead, and colleagues have just published a fascinating paper in Nature Machine Intelligence. They argue that hearing healthcare continues to rely on a labour-intensive service model that fails to provide access to the majority of those in need while hearing research suffers from a…
29th October 2021

Gastroenterology Today – Autumn Edition

In the latest edition of Gastroenterology Today, 18 Week Support explores the role of innovation in tackling record-high endoscopy waits. The key priorities in the patient pathways are to protect both patients and staff while optimising efficiency as far as possible. Our quality and performance reflect in our JAG data…
30th September 2021

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on corticosteroid injection services

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the clinical practices of MSK radiologists in the UK. A National Survey of Members of the British Society of Skeletal Radiologists (BSSR) highlights the rapid response of its members as national guidelines evolved. Currently, the majority of respondents are performing CSI…
31st August 2021

A groundbreaking project to provide additional capacity for endoscopy procedures

This project has been developed by the Greater Manchester Elective Reform Programme, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions and 18 Week Support to provide additional capacity for endoscopy procedures by creating and operating a dual procedure endoscopy suite based at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury. During its first six months,…