Working with us

Joining 18 Week Support gives you the opportunity to work as part of a dynamic, expert-led team with the time and resource to deliver high-quality end-to-end care to NHS patients

We are interested in meeting with healthcare professionals across the UK, for both corporate and clinical opportunities within our
company. In particular, we’re always looking for consultant physicians and surgeons of varying medical specialties, as well as senior nurses and clinical nursing specialists.

Head Office

Our Philosophy

18 Week Support was set up in 2014 with the sole aim of reducing patient waiting times in NHS Trusts across the UK with the help of our highly qualified clinicians. First and foremost we are committed to improving the NHS experience by ensuring that high-quality patient care is at the centre of everything we do. Many of our clinical leads are industry-leading experts so not only do the patients benefit from their work, but the Trusts we work with are able to improve their own techniques and practices too.

We are transparent, ethical, passionate and committed to continually supporting the NHS.


“The company is constantly growing and developing so there are always so many interesting projects to get involved in. Everyone that works at the company has the same end goal so it’s a great place to come to work every day!”

Daisy, HR Manager

The Team

Our experienced management team in Head Office, together with our clinical lead team, is responsible for the delivery and quality of the clinical services we provide to NHS Trusts throughout the United Kingdom. Every member of 18 Week Support, from our world-renowned lead physicians and surgeons to our highly experienced nurses and healthcare assistants, is committed to providing first-class clinical care and an exceptional patient experience.

Behind the scenes

Head office positions
Business Travel Consultant
Compliance Officer
Operations and Finance Administrator
Service Delivery Manager
Clinical positions
Dermatology Consultant
Dermatology Nurse, Surgical & Outpatient / Nurse in Charge
Endoscopy Nurse / Nurse in Charge
ENT Scrub Nurse
Ophthalmology Consultant
Ophthalmology Staff Nurse/Senior Staff Nurse
Oral Surgery Consultant
Oral/Dental Consultant
Radiology / Breast Surgery Consultant
Urology Scrub Nurse
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