Managing the risk associated with Covid-19 at 18 Week Support

We would like to reassure our patients, staff and customers that we are taking pro-active actions to manage the risk associated with the Covid-19 virus, which reflects changing national guidance. This includes:

  • Introduction of a ‘Covid-19 Safe Practice for Insourcing Services Policy’ which has been frequently revised following issue of new national guidance.  It was last updated in November 2020 and staff were informed of changes made.  Risk assessments are a core part of this policy.
  • Agreement with each individual contract regarding how Covid-19 precautions are to be managed locally
  • Weekly Covid-19 group (chaired by the Chief Nurse) to discuss the changing situation, how it is impacting and how best to manage that situation
  • Regular communication with our staff to ensure they are kept up to date regarding national guidance & changes to our policy
  • We try to reduce the number of different sites where staff work, which increases continuity whilst simultaneously reducing risk of transmission
  • We maintain a ‘Covid-19 Tracker’ of staff who have tested positive or come into contact with a positive person to ensure that they are supported during isolation.  We maintain regular contact and have systems in place to ensure that they return to work when they are well/have finished their period of isolation.
  • The majority of our staff also work for the NHS.  Where this is the case, we encourage them to have regular Covid-19 tests, so that they regularly know their Covid status.  For those staff who don’t have access to regular tests, we have applied for NHS tests via the IHPN (Independent Healthcare Providers Network) and await these.  In the meantime, we are also in the process of purchasing a Rapid Covid-19 Antigen test for staff to use.

In addition, we offer Trusts the following services which help to support management of the situation:

  • Nurses to support trusts swab patients prior to surgery
  • Availability of: Booking, Reception, Administration and De-contamination staff
  • Where appropriate virtual patient consultations, as opposed to face-to-face consultations

Suzie Loader, our Chief Nurse is responsible for managing the Covid-19 policy, supported by Bea Rodden, our Head of Operations.

If you have any questions regarding how 18 Week Support is managing the Covid-19 risk, please contact

Thank you, and stay safe.

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